Education in Bethany and the regionalization bills

First Selectman Derry Gorski was in Hartford on March 1 for the Education Committee’s hearing on school regionalization. “We are doing something right” with education in Bethany.


SB-738 and SB-457, the two bills that proposed forced regionalization, died in the Education Committee on Friday, March 29th.  These bills will not be brought to the floor for consideration which means that Bethany Community School will remain under the Bethany Board of Education. The Governor’s proposal, SB-874, which does not propose forced regionalization, was changed from establishing a Commission on Shared School Services to establishing a Task Force to facilitate shared service approaches to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.  

In his comments to the CT Mirror, State Senate President Pro Tem, Martin Looney D-NH, the sponsor of SB-738, echoed Bethany First Selectman, Derrylyn Gorski’s testimony on March 1st before the State Legislature, We wouldn’t want the small town Bethany in a regional district like Hamden, it makes more sense for Bethany to stay right where it is — in Amity Regional School District 5,” Looney said. 

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