Road repairs

Weather wreaks havoc on roads, so Derry Gorski and DPW Director Al Green developed a plan to fix our roads and keep them in good condition.

With 66 miles of non-state roads (the equivalent of traveling to Rhode Island), Bethany needed a plan to tackle the problem and cover the large stretch of roads across our town.

In 2007 Derry authorized the Highway Department to attend CT Road Master Program at UCONN to learn best practices of road repair.

  • From 2010-2012 using new paving practices, the Highway Department repaired 13 roads totaling 7.26 miles with the $2,085,000 road bond.
  • Since 2012, 30 roads (average of 3 miles/year) have been paved or chip sealed with our annual appropriation of $600,000.
  • 2019-2020 Budget Plan includes an $8M road bond that proposes to fix another 18 miles of the most damaged roads.
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