The Bethany Democratic Ticket 2017

Meet the 2017 Bethany Democratic Team

Derrylyn Gorski, First Selectman
Clark Hurlburt, Selectman
Lawrence Eisner, Town Treasurer
Fran Doba, Tax Collector
Catherine Volk Erickson, Board of Finance
Ben Judd, Jr., Board of Finance
Melissa Spear, Board of Finance
Christopher Pittenger, Board of Education
Namita Wijisekera, Board of Education
James Stirling, Amity Board of Education
Robert Harrison, Planning and Zoning
Alexander Hutchinson, Planning and Zoning
Carol Lambiase, Planing and Zoning
Esperanza Criscuolo, Board of Assessment Appeals
Nancy Spagnolo, Board of Assessment Appeals
Shirley Goblirsch, Zoning Board of Appeals
Thomas Mabry, Zoning Board of Appeals
April Stirling, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
Mark Stricker, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

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